Impact Wrestling x NJPW – Multiverse United The Strong Survive 3/30/23

Watch Impact Wrestling x NJPW – Multiverse United  The Strong Survive 3/30/23 on 30th March 2023 Full Show Online:-

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IMPACT Wrestling , together with New Japan Pro Wrestling , celebrates tonight a new edition of the Multiverse United event from the Globe Theater arena in the city of Los Angeles, CL; which is broadcast live on the FITE TV platform .


Yuya Uemura vs. Gabriel Kidd
Kidd begins with a hard key to the head, with a subdued Uemura unable to do anything to avoid the attacks. Yuya regains control after some blocks and knocks Kidd down to the canvas but is carried to the corner, where he receives a strong blow that knocks him out of the ring. Kidd’s brutal chops but he takes headbutts from Yuya. Yuya’s powerful Suplex that leaves Kidd on the canvas but when he looks for a second, he blocks him and knocks him down. Submission flush with the canvas. Kidd responds with a brutal Slam but Yuya resists the count of three. Kidd applies a headlock in the corner and Yuya is left lying down. He kicks him in the head and steps on it but Uemura responds with a Forearm and a Slam, another, and the Croosbody for the count of three.
Winner: Yuya Uemura.


Scramble Match for the X-Division Championship

Rich Swann vs. Kevin Knight vs. Frankie Kazarian vs. Clark Connors vs. Rocky Romero vs. Trey Miguel (c)
They all attack the champion at the same time, for making fun of them in the center of the ring. They take him out of the way and Kazarian goes with Romero and Connors with Knight. Little by little, Knight takes control but Romero cuts him off and the four of them collide in the ring at the same time. Miguel appears and beats everyone up with kicks and jumps. Miguel, Kaz and Romero exit. Meanwhile, Swann punishes Connors and Knight. They both dodge very well but Swann connects a pair of scissors and takes Knight out. Connors enters and throws him out until Kaz arrives and lashes him to the canvas with a Crossbody. Kaz takes Swann out of action with a Leg Drop and waits for Miguel until Knight hits him with a Cutter. Everyone wants to cover Kaz but none can and they all take off. Knight’s hurricane to Miguel. Romero, Knight, Kaz and Miguel apply a Superplex to Connors. Swann launches with the Splash but can’t cover Connors. Classic lariats in Romero’s corner, that he can with everyone. Spear from Connors to Romero, and another for Miguel on the ropes. Slingshot Cutter from Kaz to Knight but receives a Spear from Connors. Another Spear to Swann. Spear in the air from Connors to Knight but Miguel arrives and takes Connors out to ringside to cover Knight and retain the title.
Winner and STILL champion: Trey Miguel.

Eddie Edwards, Tom Lawlor, JR Kratos and Joe Hendry vs. Callihan, Fred Rosser, Alex Coughlin and PCO
Callihan and Edwards start the fight. They both hold each other by the neck and punch each other in the head at the same time. Hendry and Coughlin take over and each apply a Vertical Suplex but without connecting the blow, although Hendry lifts Coughlin up and stamps him against the canvas face-first. Kratos exchanges slaps with Alex until he knocks him to the canvas. He stamps it with the corner but Coughlin retaliates with a Suplex. PCO enters and supports his blows to punish him in the corner. He hurracanrana but Eddie enters to hit him from behind until the eight enter. Brutal stampede from Sami to Lawlor although Tom begins to kick him in the chest as revenge. Everyone jumps to ringside, Eddie is thrown by PCO, and when he looks for the Dive, Kratos tackles him to throw himself over the third rope. PCO gets up and Moonsaults off a corner. Knee and Superplex from Kratos to PCO. Clothesline from PCO to Hendry and look for Rosser’s relief. Eddie misses Fred and eats a shower of Chops. He tackles Rosser’s face on Edwards and Lawlor saves him with a knee. Coughlin jump over Lawlor. Hendry’s slam to two rivals and he looks for the DDT to Callihan but he takes it from the testicles for the Cactus Driver 97. They all apply their finishers, Eddie’s Thunderbomb to Rosser and Kratos’s Slam, although he holds on and gives PCO relief. PCO-sault and count of three final. Hendry’s slam to two rivals and he looks for the DDT to Callihan but he takes it from the testicles for the Cactus Driver 97. They all apply their finishers, Eddie’s Thunderbomb to Rosser and Kratos’s Slam, although he holds on and gives PCO relief. PCO-sault and count of three final. Hendry’s slam to two rivals and he looks for the DDT to Callihan but he takes it from the testicles for the Cactus Driver 97. They all apply their finishers, Eddie’s Thunderbomb to Rosser and Kratos’s Slam, although he holds on and gives PCO relief. PCO-sault and count of three final.
Winners:  Callihan, Fred Rosser, Alex Coughlin and PCO.

Moose vs. Jeff Cobb
Moose wants to apply his usual offense but runs into an immovable mass that stampedes him down, without giving him a break. Moose recovers and throws the Hawaiian into a corner to later give him some Dropkicks. Cobb answers with a series of brutal slams and forearm blows for the brunette. Accurate punch but Moose dodges for a second and looks for a Roll-Up without success. Clotheslines clash and both fall to ringside. They return to the ring and collide in the center with a lot of violence. Moose’s crossbody but he can’t cover Cobb and he picks him up. Tour of the Islands and Cobb out of nowhere takes the win.
Winner: Jeff Cobb.

#1 Contender to the World Knockout Championship

Masha Slamovich vs. Gisele Shaw vs. Miyu Yamashita vs. Deonna Purrazo
Mickie James joins the commentary table. Shaw escapes by ringside while Masha attacks her rivals with very powerful forearm blows. But she is beaten by both of them and Purrazzo takes the opportunity to attack Miyu. The Japanese defends herself well and sends The Virtuosa out with legs. Shaw returns and wants to attack Miyu but she returns her kicks and leaves her lying on the canvas. Knee at ringside and takes her out of action. Masha jumps to ringside out of nowhere from the ring and then Shaw does it, incredibly. Deonna braids with Masha with kicks and a Moonsault that cannot culminate with the count of three. Yamashita takes care of Shaw and Masha at the same time and covers Gisele but Purrazzo cuts him off. Kicks from all in the center of the ring and they are in the middle thrown by exhaustion. Purrazzo’s armbar to Masha but she breaks free and leaves. Miyu connects a Suplex but receives a kick from Gisele. Canadian Destroyer from Slamovich to Shaw but does not cover it. Snow Plow but Purrazzo blocks it and connects a string of Suplexes. She looks for the Queen’s Gambit but Masha stops her and applies a Slam. Miyu kicks him and Shaw takes the Japanese out. Purrazzo’s powerbomb and Queen’s Gambit for Shaw and the count of three.
Winner and NEW challenger: Deonna Purrazzo.

IMPACT World Tag Team Championships

Motor City Machine Guns (Alex Shelley and Chris Sabin) vs. TMDK (Shane Haste and Bad Dude Tito) vs. Aussie Open (Mark Davis and Kyle Fletcher) vs. Bullet Club (Ace Austin and Chris Bey) (c)
Shelley and Haste take the first steps of the fight. Quickly, the MCMG unite and take out TMDK with bumps and kicks but the Bullet Club interferes when they were about to launch into Dives. Sabin and Shelley attack them and jump anyway. Tito applies his brute force and helps Haste with the champions of both companies and they get the advantage. The BC saves Shelley from brutal punishment and Bey connects a Code Red to Haste but noi achieves coverage. Aussie Open takes over and they give Bey a beating to soften him up. Fletcher’s Vertical Suplex that Davis culminates in the center of the ring. Bey plays with the Australians until they hit each other and Austin jumps into the ring to kick them. Sabin’s crossbody to both teams and they go on to dominate the fight along with Shelley. Davis double chokeslam and Aussie combination but they can’t complete the coverage. They look for the Corealis but Austin cuts them off. MCMG enters and joins the battle. Davis eliminates two groups at the point of Clotheslines but Haste knocks him down with his game. Tito almost wins but Ace stops him and together with Bey they get Haste out of the way. Art of Finesse to Tito and The Fold to retain the titles.
Winners and STILL champions: Bullet Club.

Lio Rush vs. KUSHIDA
Rush comes out decisively from the first minute, with the intention of leaving KUSHIDA on the canvas but the Japanese manages to intimidate him and keep him at bay with forearm blows and chops. Already at ringside, he is throwing him against the security fences and hits his arms so as not to move. KUSHIDA attacks his right arm with knees and kicks. Both arms, but RUsh hides well and escapes from his grasp. The Japanese captures him and applies a key to his arms with his legs and tries to have his legs. Rush gets the comeback and connects some kicks and elbows to KUSHIDA, damaging his shoulder in the process but the Japanese continues his attack. He brutally wrenches Rush’s elbow but miraculously breaks free. Roll-Up and KUSHIDA gets away with just enough. She kicked and the Japanese was left on the canvas. Reverse Frog by Rush and Stunner assisted by the ropes.
Winner: KUSHIDA.

STRONG Openweight Championship

Minoru Suzuki vs. KENTA (c)
KENTA expects nothing and throws himself at Suzuki with all his power, who endures everything, even when they go to ringside, the blows against the fences and the pokes to the eyes included. Minoru seeks to reply with blows to the face but KENTA is more lucid and continues a dirty attack on the eyes. Suzuki returns with other slaps to the face and his rival with another eye poke. Now KENTA changes, begins to knee and kick a lying Suzuki, lying on the canvas, but he doesn’t seem to hurt at all and gets up as if nothing had happened. Minoru resists KENTA’s chest kicks and locks him in a knee lock on the canvas, causing him to touch the ropes to break free. KENTA responds with a Four Figure Lock that Suzuki must break by touching the ropes. Blow with Suzuki’s elbow for KENTA, which leaves him on the canvas very badly injured. Dropkicks from KENTA and Double Footstomp but Suzuki resists it. Sleeper Hold by Minoru. One more time and KENTA gives Suzuki a Low Blow to finish the count of three helped by the ropes.
Winner and STILL champion: KENTA.

Mike Bailey vs. Hiroshi Tanahashi
Tanahashi prevails against Bailey with his experience, despite the speed of the Canadian. He manages to connect his classic kicks to the sides and takes the action to ringside but Tana is smarter and gives him a forearm when he thought he was tired. Already in the ring, The Ace applies kicks in the middle area and Bailey’s legs, stomps, to keep Mike out of his legs. Bailey tries in various ways to cover the Japanese but he breaks free, even from strong keys. Tana manages to leave Bailey lying down and finishes him off with her Frig Splash for the count of three.
Winner: Hiroshi Tanahashi.

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