NWA Powerrr SURPRISE Title Match 2/14/23

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NWA (National Wrestling Alliance) broadcast last night on YouTube the first episode of the twelfth season of its weekly show NWA Powerrr . The episode was taped the night after NWA Nuff Said at WEDU Studios in Tampa, Florida. You can see the full show at the top. Below we leave you the complete results.

World Heavyweight Champion Tyrus discusses his defense at NWA Nuff Said. Interrupting Aron Stevens owes him a favor. Rolando Freeman challenges Tyrus to a match. Tyrus asks if they can fight right now, but we go to the commentary table with Joe Galli, Velvet Sky and Tim Storm.

– Thom Latimer defeated Jordan Clearwater to become the NEW NWA Television Champion. Clearwater appeared before the match with Audtin Idol to announce an open challenge. Latimer responded to the challenge and earned the submission victory via the Crossface. Kamile congratulated Latimer after the match.

NWA announces the celebration of its PPV 312 on April 7, where the final of the tournament will take place to declare the first women’s champion on television.

– La Rosa Negra defeated Angelina Love (c/ Fodder) in an individual fight. La Rosa Negra achieved victory for the count of three after applying the Frog Splash.

May Valentine interviews Cyon and Thrillbilly Silas backstage. Silas expresses his desire to win the NWA National Championship. Cyon says that he wants to face the best, so he will have to look elsewhere.

– The Rebellion (Beast 666 and Mecha Wolf) defeated The Mortons (Ricky & Kerry Morton) in a tag team match in which the Tag Team Championship was not at stake. Beast 666 pinned Ricky Morton with a rollup to take the victory for the count of three.

May Valentine interviews Matt Cardona backstage. Cardona is furious that he lost to Tyrus because of Bully Ray. Cardona assures that next week he will appear and make Bully Ray come out.

The Renegade Twins are interviewed and talk about their victory in NWA Nuff Said. They are interrupted by Pretty Empowered, who demand their tag team titles back.

– Tyrus defeated Rolando Freeman in the main event to retain the World Heavyweight Championship. Tyrus played his opponent due to his size difference. Tyrus applied an elbow to take the victory for the count of three. After the match, EC3 appeared with BLK Jeez to applaud Tyrus’ victory.

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