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Well, that just about wraps things up for us here. Thanks for joining us, and we’ll see you guys again in a couple of days.

Moeen Ali saunters up. “Brilliant performance. We pulled the game back really well. A lot of praise to the bowlers who set it up nicely for our batters. Those crucual wickets around the 10th over made a difference. It wasn’t an easy wicket for the new batters. Luke Wood and Adil Rashid were excellent.”

Babar up now. “The way we played the first Powerplay was great. After 10 overs, there was a swing of momentum, which you have to credit England for. We didn’t have enough big partnerships. Our batters need to step up.”

Luke Wood wins the Player of the Match award. “Very enjoyable performance. It’s my debut, so can’t complain. It’s obviously different to England. They had a good start, but you kind of work it out quickly. We kept taking wickets, which was key, and had a pretty good backend.”

Luke Wood wins the Master Blaster of the match, while Rizwan wins the complete performer of the match.

Alex Hales wins the best batter of the match

The, ahem, feel-good player of the match award goes to Adil Rashid.

Luke Wood wins the Best bowler of the match award. This isn’t the player of the match award, mind

We’re about to have the presentation ceremony.

Pakistan comprehensively beaten, and never had control ever since England broke Pakistan’s opening partnership really. The home side fell well short of a par score, and England took full advantage to draw first blood.


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