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As a daily feature, WWE Network News posts a comprehensive list of everything that took place on this day in wrestling history. Or at least everything that is currently available to watch on the WWE Network. This list is courtesy of our friends on the Reddit version of WWE Network Bot. Here we go! Obviously non-title.

Good reaction for Bron from the crowd. I actually wouldn’t mind seeing this match in NXT. Speaking of which, the crowd starts a NXT chant which draws a smile from Bron. Tozawa snaps off a dropkick, but gets caught trying a leap frog and gets dumped. Saxton makes sure to namedrop Rick and Scott Steiner. Bron runs the ropes with his super speed and just mows down Tozawa with a shoulder tackle. Delayed suplex followed by a kip up and then a standing moonsault for two. Show off kid as this is your moment! Bron hooks a chinlock for a bit, but then gets caught with a head scissors. Tozawa lands the running knee and gets a one count off a missile dropkick. Bron throws some elbows and tries a press slam, but Tozawa slides off and gets a chop block. Tozawa heads up top and Bron meets him up top and tosses him across the ring with an overhead belly to belly suplex.

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