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Here you Can WWE Rivals – Undertaker Vs Mankind Live 2/26/23 – 26th February 2023 Full Show Online Replay Online Stay tuned with us to get more :-

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Joining Freddie Prinze at the table this week: Devon Dudley, Booker T, Natalya, and JBL. Another favorite rivalry of Freddie as he says it is hard to top how extreme this feud got.

-They start with Taker in 1995 before Mankind arrived in 96. JBL calls Taker the barometer and he has never seen anyone who had as much respect. Meanwhile, Mankind was in WCW as Cactus Jack and was destroying his body.

-Taker talks about how gentle and kind Mick is outside the ring and then becomes a maniac inside the ring. Foley mentions he used to ride with Mark in WCW and even stayed at Mark’s parents house.

-They discuss Survivor Series 1990 and the debut of The Undertaker. Baron Corbin says there is a genuine fear with Taker’s character when you watched as a kid. No kidding! I was 9 years old when he debuted and it freaked me out. Taker says he realized early that Mark had to be put on the back shelf so that The Undertaker is what everyone saw.

-Foley brings up that Taker had a run where he had to face guys that were bigger than him or taller than him. He was a character that conquered a monster and the idea was to find someone that may not be a monster as far as size, but could get crazy.

-Jim Ross says he had pitched to bring Mick in for years and finally Vince relented though he wasn’t a big fan. “I’ll bring him in, but I am covering up his face” -Vince. We get photos (Dec 12, 1995) of Mick having a mold of his face done to fit the mask. That was 3 ½ months before his debut the night after WrestleMania. Then we get the awesome Mankind vignettes. I loved the early Mankind character so much! “On the 8th day, God created Mankind. Why was he having such a bad day?” AMAZING! I quoted that one for years! Then we get Mick deep in Mankind mode during the vignette and someone gives him the sign to cut and in a snap, it’s Mick. Great stuff!

-April 1, 1996: Mankind debuts on RAW by attacking The Undertaker after he has a match with JBL. Since he is at the table, JBL says he knew something crazy was going to happen so he just bailed to the floor. Mick was an instant threat because he destroyed The Undertaker on his first night in the company. Taker says some will say it was a match made in Heaven, but was more like a match made in Hell.

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